Buying or Selling a property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s also one of the most stressful. In fact, a recent British study found that the stress of buying or selling a house can cause premature ageing!

Platinum Conveyancing is all about making things easier for you. We’re about advice, reassurance and understanding. We’re for personalised, trustworthy and reassuring. We’re for you.

Our Conveyancers have years of experience in property law and transfer services. We can help you with:

  • Fully understanding the issues involved in purchasing or selling property in NSW.
  • Legal advice in regard to real estate Contract law.
  • Drafting and reviewing Contracts for sale.
  • Auction Contracts and Purchases off-the-plan.
  • Cost appraisal, including stamp duty, GST and disbursements such as search and registration fees.
  • Property titles, including Torrens, old system, qualified and limited, strata, community, crown or leasehold.
  • Property tenancy, including joint tenants and tenants in common
  • Statutory warranties, Contract conditions and Special conditions
  • Section 66W Certificates, the cooling off period and deposits
  • Put and call Options
  • Retirement village purchases, Leases and service Contracts
  • Commercial Property, including Leases
  • Liaising with financial institutions in regard to deposit bonds, loans, mortgages and discharges of mortgages.
  • Execution of Contracts, exchange and settlement.
  • Adjustments to the purchase price in regard to rates and allowances.
  • Advice for first-time home buyers including the First Home Owner Grant.
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney and registering with the Land Titles Office.
  • Advice in regard to easements and covenants on title searches.

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